in mid-july, i traveled to newport, rhode island with a fellow bridesmaid, carver, for mackenzie's bridal shower. it was such a great day to celebrate our dear friend and get together with her family before the big weekend at the end of august!

on friday night, carver and i made a decision to continue on to nantucket so we could spend saturday night & sunday on island time after the shower. when i typed out the travel itinerary (ready? cab to grand central / train to connecticut / drive to RI [shower] drive to new bedford / ferry to nantucket / fly back to new bedford / drive to CT / train back to NYC) it sounded absolutely ridiculous for a 24 hour period of time on ACK, but i am so glad we ended up doing it. beyond worth it!

photos by ali, who i spent sunday with taxiing back and fourth to get downyflake donuts (also worth it!) and lounging on the beach at cisco wearing this eyelet blouse all weekend long.


photographed on nantucket, ma

polaroids from east hampton

ever since instagram became a "serious" platform acting as a portfolio of one's photography slash #personalbrand (lol are you rolling your eyes yet?), i've always longed for the old school days of the platform when in-app filters were the standard, photos were posted in real time, and the subject matter was beautiful but maybe the editing wasn't. 

i'll never forget my first summer in manhattan (2011) when i downloaded the app at midnight as soon as my new iPod (again, lol) was delivered. that style of iPhone photography - if you can call it that - still reminds me of this significant time period. you have to understand, i've worked in social media for 7 years and have loved digital visuals well beyond that, so this is just the world i live in, as lame as it sounds!

earlier this summer i decided to create a private instagram acct. to share this throwback feel with friends + family. it's been so much fun to actually document real life and it feels like that first summer all over again, in a new neighborhood. i hope you enjoy some of these moments!

photographed in east hampton, new york

ideal in ivory


these photographs are from the 4th of july on nantucket, which was hands down the best trip of the summer thus far...due to picture perfect weather, a bit of an extended stay (meaning longer than a 2 day weekend trek), and great friends, mackenzie & ali, of course. and to be fully honest, a chance to wear all of our new summer buys.

i love solid & striped swimsuits as a brand, but their classic one piece had never quite fit my body. however, i ordered the chelsea style in ivory (slightly ribbed with adjustable straps) right before the holiday and it's now my #1 favorite bathing suit, ever. i'm sure it's not for everyone cut-wise, but if you are more flat chested with a shorter torso and longer legs, it might just work!

i also ordered these (now sold out) tortoise cat-eye sunglasses which i'm enamored with.


east hampton, new york


it certainly has been a while – more on that later – but what better time to come out of hibernation than high summer? i have so many photos from june, july, and august that i'm excited to publish here...and while i love traveling to new and different locales from time to time, i simply cannot pass up the opportunity to spend every free moment i have on nantucket & in east hampton during the east cost summer months. this season will be particularly special as it concludes with my bestie mackenzie's wedding over labor day weekend, where i'll be a bridesmaid along with some of my absolute favorite people in the world on our favorite island ever. stay tuned! 

swimsuit (on sale) | denim shorts | sunglasses | hat | towel 

shot in east hampton, new york



i can't help but think of a chic granny in boca sporting these pieces (all at once; which is not my recommendation here!). in any event, i am prepping for summer vacations (or, just plain warmth) and have been gravitating toward geometric shapes, primary colors, and of course, boehmia details like fringe and beading but in a subtle, sensible manner.