horseshoe bay pink

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if you read my first post on our trip to bermuda, you know that i instantly fell in love with the island's colorful architecture, friendly locals, and natural wonders. on our first full day of exploration, mackenzie, grayson, and i visited horseshoe bay which is quite possibly the most beautiful place i've been to in my life.  

i picked up this english sports shop crest sweater the day prior so, naturally, that's what i wore paired with my favorite levi's 501s. while the crewneck isn't available online, i found this and this that are super similar (and truly vintage). if you're looking for that candy pink shade, i also love this sweater.

in september, i had picked up these metallic tasseled sandals and thought i'd have to wait until summer to sport them...not the case! they made for the perfect laid back yet chic shoe to slip on and off at the beach. loeffler has some i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e shoes (resort ready!) out right now. i've been eyeing these after seeing mackenzie in them!

my favorite part of our time in bermuda was hands down horseshoe bay. the crystal clear waters and soft pink sands alone made the trip! we also climbed some of the rock formations making for the most excellent aerial views of the cove. 

metallic tassel sandals | pink sweater | levi's cutoffs | dior so real sunglasses



bermuda in photos

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right before thanksgiving, my friend and favorite travel mate mackenzie, her talented bro grayson, and i took a long weekend in bermuda. truthfully, i could not wait to go and the beauty of this colorful, remote island surpassed all of my expectations. we were told the weather wouldn't be exactly beach-bathing suitable in november but i was pleasantly surprised that it was sunny and in the mid 70's every day! beyond pleasant, in my book.

just a two hour flight from new york, we landed on a saturday and stayed at the incredible hamilton princess property. the princess was out of this world, truly. besides the impeccable service and warm demeanor of the hotel staff, i loved that the hotel was right in bermuda's capital city, hamilton, yet felt so calming and relaxing. it was right on the water, with beautiful sunsets each night.

i personally loved learning about the island's history. in particular, we visited the oldest surviving and continually operated church in the western hemisphere, st. peter's in the town of st. george. i also was in awe of just how many churches there were, overall: i was later told that bermuda holds the record for most places of worship per capita in the world (189 on the island). i was keen to listen and chat with every cab driver we had; anyone that was willing to share a tidbit of information about their beloved home. 

i'll be sharing more photos & experiences from hamilton princess in the coming weeks!