harriman cup polo


another weekend, another polo match: have you unfollowed yet? if i can justify prolonging summer gatherings, sporting bohemian dresses, and seeing different friends in one place, i'm in!

this past match was the harriman cup where yale and UVA face off annually. it's been on my radar for years because of fred's incredible photo reportage of the event, but i had never attended myself. we brought a wide lens polaroid (some of those snaps, above) and i also rented a fujifilm x100T (last photo) which made the day all the more fun.

i wore this DOEN dress, which, i wish came in every single color, pattern, print, and material. it's so easy and breezy but makes a definitive statement. as someone who stands 5 foot tall, dresses never fit correctly upon purchase but this hits perfectly! i did head down to the garment district and purchased navy velvet ribbon to create a little belt, but otherwise, it was spot on. i love the entire line, and can't wait to purchase one of their fisherman sweaters for fall.

thank you to dean for hosting us.



beach polo classic


this past weekend, i traveled up to watch hill, rhode island with mackenzie & lauren for a weekend at ocean house. we were there to attend the first annual beach polo classic, founded by my friend sean gale burke. while i've been to many polo matches over the years (i know, i'm the worst), never had i experienced the beauty of the sport played against the gorgeous backdrop that is the atlantic ocean. the visuals of such an event were absolutely spectacular! the yale vs. harvard rivalry match was the perfect way to end a very sweet summer.

mackenzie kindly let me snap around with her camera (which is full evidence that while the iPhone might be good enough to get by with great editing, nothing tops a true DSLR) and i was fully inspired by the pale sand and everyone's spin on polo style, beach side. there's nothing i enjoy getting dressed up and concepting looks for more than polo and i left awfully happy.

luckily, i am heading to harriman cup this weekend and victory cup next, which means more polo style and a test run at renting a body & lens to try for myself! stay tuned for more.

thank you to lilly pulitzer, ocean house, and sean for generously hosting us.

veuve clicquot polo classic


the best soirΓ©e of the season, in my humble opinion, is veuve clicquot's polo classic. a day of endless champagne, beautiful skyline views of lower manhattan, and the opportunity to dress up in your polo best? done and done! everything post-event always feels incomparable to the level of chic and the level of fun we had experienced....#NotVeuve, if you will. this year, i brought my good friend brooke as my guest and we toasted to summer with (more than a few) clicquot rich rosΓ© lime spritzers.


 this particular fΓͺte is the one non-wedding occasion of the summer i can sport white to, and i don't ever pass up the chance! i love white dresses.  i wore a linen reformation piece and can't recommend it more. it's backless, very flattering, and super minimal; it could easily be worn with a blazer or cardigan during the day. i opted for vintage with my birdcage bag and added a striped scarf for some requisite blue; navy and canvas platform wedges are old j.crew! brooke wore this immaculate red number β€” it was even more incredible in person β€” and a l'afshar clutch from plan de ville.


the tents and field were as beautiful as ever and the weather really did hold out for us. the people watching, divot stomping, mingling, and carefree spirit of the brand really makes VCPoloClassic something i look forward to every year.