grooming essentials

i've always had quite the collection of skincare and beauty products. while i'm definitely a loyalist when it comes to tried-and-true miracle workers, i've recently replaced by past go-to items with new favorites. let's have a closer look. 

i love scents (with my year round favorite being AERIN's ikat jasmine). the combination of le labo's cult favorite santal 33 and coqui coqui's coco oil is your instant-transport to tulum. layering an oil & a lotion is the best way to really absorb moisture - and fragrance.

i can't live without a touch of tortoise, and j.crew's barrettes have been a staple in my accessory drawer since high school. this ivory comb & tort toothbrush are also vanity musts.

lip color...usually a problematic topic for me because i can never keep my lips un-chapped and smooth enough to wear something on top. burt's bees never really worked for me but i love the coconut & pear scent and thus, have been using it non-stop! it's also the perfect base for NARS velvet matte lipstick pencil. my shades of choice are "get off" and "bolero" mixed together.

for skincare, these next two items were actually sephora samples that i became addicted to - the danger and magic of beauty trials. their names say it all: face polish and moisture sorbet. they promise smooth, soft, clear skin and they deliver! especially during these harsh winter months.

NARS soft matte concealer is my dream. it's coverage is major yet light and it blends flawlessly. i have a few shades depending on the season and area of my face (highlight vs. contour). this highlighter is also incredible and my last beauty step: it's organic and made with coconut oil, and pearlized so works with any skin tone. win!

any beauty favorites of yours i should be privy to? please share!

APT. | Antique Resources

this is the third installment of APT., a detailed account of my manhattan pre-pre-war apartment revamp. read the entire series here!

one thing i will never tire of is scouring the internet β€” and the city β€” for antique sources, vintage finds, and thrift treasures. i wrote about a few favorite fashion locales here, but this post is dedicated to home wares. i've always preferred the well-collected look to all brand new (you know, that "just peeled/snipped off the price tag" look), even if that means items have imperfections or are, frankly, beat-to-hell. while i admire fine antiques, the resources here will be affordable, and certainly so compared to modern reproductions online.

a wicker cantilever chair (one of two); blue china box,  etsy .

a wicker cantilever chair (one of two); blue china box, etsy.

pakistani pink and navy rug, adaptations.

pakistani pink and navy rug, adaptations.


the pros: you can find endless options, price ranges, and niche categories at the click of your mouse. the cons: you can't see true color, scale, or flaws/damage from photos (although you can ask the seller).


etsy is a, hands down, daily-must-check for me...i have an on-going list of categories i'm continually searching for: chinoiserie & ginger jars, vintage trophies, rattan & bamboo furniture, antique silver, tennis racquets, seascape oil paintings, silk textiles, and well, the list goes on. the key is to compare prices but act fast, since there's only one of each item.


OKL has an incredible selection of antiques and vintage. i love browsing for unique throw pillows (these are goregeous) and hermΓ¨s everything! always keep an eye out for their special curated vintage sales like this one.

chinoiserie lamp pair, cure thrift shop. watercolor by shirley stone (my grandmother).

chinoiserie lamp pair, cure thrift shop. watercolor by shirley stone (my grandmother).

churchill of england china, engraved "S" flatwear.

churchill of england china, engraved "S" flatwear.


the pros: you can measure and inspect to your heart's desire and you might be able to haggle. the cons: stores are often hit or miss and you'll have to lug your new wares home.

HOUSING WORKSCURE THRIFT SHOPPIPPIN HOME, all in manhattan, are some of my preferred treasure troves. housing works has multiple locations and i'd say, reasonable prices. cure thrift shop is kitschy but has a lot of great home finds. pippin is a more traditional "antique" store and the prices are a tad steeper than the other two.

PORTER JAMES + ADAPTATIONSbrother/sister stores in greenpoint brooklyn, are incredible sources for pristine condition, mid-century modern and sleek but classic furniture pieces. it's very edited and you'll certainly understand their style POV, but the prices will be higher because of this.


what are your favorite antique sources?



february sweetness in pink + cocoa, just in time for valnetine's day. i can attest to slumbering in pale pink silk's a must and i don't think i can go back. i also received this super-chic, scalloped maillot in cocoa in december that i'm just dying to wear come hot weather (or a warm vacation). lastly, has anyone tried RMS beauty? the illuminator caught my eye (love that their products are mostly organic) and i just picked it up at anthropologie.




APT. | Fresh Coat

this is the second installment of APT., a detailed account of my manhattan pre-pre-war apartment revamp. read the entire series here!

in october, when i signed the lease to my new apartment, i knew the first order of business: i wanted to paint the entire space before moving in. while there was nothing objectively wrong with the (albeit flat, builder's grade dingy cream colored) walls, i knew the rooms would be truly optimized with a clean, pure white and nicer finish. 


through word of mouth, i heard wonderful praise of PaintZen's services. i couldn't recommend them enough after my own experience. although i was positive on colors and finishes from the get-go, their team went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with my selections and the entire process. i had never managed a home project such as this, and scott, my painter and an admitted perfectionist, wouldn't settle until the entire space was well, perfect.


i chose benjamin moore's chantilly lace in eggshell (their cleanest, most pure white) for my living room and polo blue in pearl finish (a chic, inky-navy) for the bedroom, under my chair rail. thrilled would be an understatement. i've included before and after photos for the sake of proving how much a simple coat (or two) can amplify a space's potential. sincere thanks to PaintZen for their expertise, generosity, and support!

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